CUSTOM MADE CHARM BRACELETS (See above for item description)


All custom made charm bracelets come in a minimum set of 3.  Each bracelet comes with at least 3 charms.  If you would like more than 3 charms, the price will increase by $5.00.  I make custom charm bracelets according to the color, design, and type of charms you choose.  Once you order, please specify if you would like silver, gold, rose gold, gun metal black or rainbow bracelets to make your set.  I match the color of the charms based on the color of bracelets you choose.  Once you order, I will receive notification and I will then contact you to show you the charms based on the color of bracelets you have chosen.  Once the sets have been made, if you change the set, there will be a $5.00 change fee.  Shipping is a flat rate of $3.80.  Please ensure that your shipping info is correct as I am not responsible once the items have shipped.  If there are specific colors you would like, please text or call me at 706-992-8356.  Please see cover photo for a few of the charms I offer.